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logo-aeristechFully electric turbocharger and eSupercharger technology and compressors for automotive fuel cell applications

Driven by the global need to reduce emissions and with engine downsizing seen as the most immediate way forward, Aeristech was founded in 2006 to develop fully electric turbocharger technology.

In the pursuit of high-speed electric motors, Aeristech developed and patented its bespoke motor control technology that makes possible the world’s fastest accelerating and most energy dense permanent magnet variable speed electric motors.

Such high-speed motors have huge potential wherever power, power density or speed of response is needed. Aeristech has also applied this technology to develop competitive eSuperchargers and air compressors for automotive fuel cell applications.

Contact details

Aeristech Ltd
Unit G, Princes Drive Industrial Estate

Matthew Houldershaw
Product Manager

+44 (0)1926 258422