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Advanced Innovative Engineering


logo-advanced-innovative-engineeringClean, efficient and economical lightweight Wankel rotary engine for hybrids/range-extenders or as a primary power unit

AIE specialises in the development of Wankel rotary engines for automotive powertrains and hybrid-electric range extenders. With a combined experience of over 80 years in research & development, AIE manages entire project lifecycles from concept through to production. AIE uses cutting-edge software and a clean-sheet design approach to make engines that deliver high power-to-weight ratio and low vibration with a very small form factor and few moving parts. The rotary engine forms a lightweight package ideal for series hybrid low carbon vehicles when integrated with electric drive systems or as a primary power unit in a high performance sports powertrain solution.

The world-class 650S engine produces a stunning amount of power from a small, compact and easy-to-integrate unit. Perfect for use in UAVs/RPAS, sports motorcycles, high performance vehicles and as a range-extender, this clean, efficient and economical engine is the result of 80 years of development, design and manufacturing experience.


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Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Limited
Unit 2 Ringway Industrial Estate
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WS13 7SF

Alex Vaughn
Business Development

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