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Engine Expo 2017

At Engine Expo the UK Pavilion will showcase the best of British UK innovation and host a UK Technology Forum.

Engine Expo 2017 is the must-attend event for everyone involved in powertrain design, development, procurement and production. It is a large show which sees 3,600 visitors over three days. The exhibition contains a specific Electric and Hybrid Zone and also features the prestigious Engine of the Year awards.

The UK Technology forum will present a selection of UK companies and their innovative, low-carbon automotive technologies and capabilities. The presentations will also showcase the opportunities for international companies to conduct Research and Development in the UK, including the support available from funding organisations such as the Advanced Propulsion Centre. Examples of these innovative, low-carbon technologies will be on display on the UK pavilion, stand number 3326. See the agenda for the forum below.

14:45 – Low-carbon innovation in the UK
Jo Evans, Head of Communications, Advanced Propulsion Centre

15:05 – Low-carbon innovation in CVs: liquid nitrogen as an energy vector 
Michael Ayres, deputy chief executive, Dearman, UK

15:25 – Heat Batteries: the solution to vehicle thermal management challenges 
Robert Austin, global automotive business manager, Sunamp, UK

15:45 – Opportunities for ultra-fast charging in the car of the future 
Rachel Eggington, head of quality and projects, ZapGo Ltd (Zap&Go), UK

16:05 – Innovation in light-weighting of cast components
Kevin P Smith, product development specialist, JD Norman Industries, UK

Find out who will be joining the UK Pavilion below.

Advanced Innovative Engineering

Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Limited

AIE specialises in the development of Wankel rotary engines for automotive powertrains and hybrid-electric range extenders. With a combined experience of over 80 years in research & development, AIE manages entire project lifecycles through concept through to production.

AIE uses cutting-edge software and a clean-sheet design approach to make engines that deliver high power-to-weight ratio and low vibration with a very small form factor and few moving parts. The rotary engine forms a lightweight package ideal for series-hybrid low carbon vehicles when integrated with electric drive systems or as a primary power unit in a high performance sports powertrain solution.

Contact Details

Alex Vaughn
Business Development

T: +44 (0)1543 420700

Air Cycle Technology

ACT produce cooling systems that reduce and control the charge air temperature for internal combustion engines. We use a turbo-expander to achieve temperature reduction and our patented control system to maintain the required inlet temperature. Highly boosted/down-sized engines are reaching specific power and fuel economy limits which are constrained by combustion knock. Reducing intake air temperature improves the knock margin and reduces excess fuel input, so improving both power and fuel economy.

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1444 410564

Brunel University London

Brunel University London has a strong focus on engineering and solutions based projects. We offer access to facilities and equipment at an appropriate scale for applied, industry-led research, bridging the gap between the lab and the marketplace to accelerate manufacturing implementation. This includes casting of light metals, prototype development and engine testing facilities. With world-class facilities and exceptional engineering capability, Brunel Automotive delivers outstanding research through collaborative partnerships.

Our industry-focused expertise is supporting the future development of new transport technologies, helping address the challenges of producing cleaner, more efficient vehicles and fuels along with integrated intelligent transport systems, in order to position the UK as a world leader in this field.

Contact Details



Dearman is a technology company that is engineering a range of clean, affordable, efficient and high performance cold and power technologies. These systems harness the unique properties of liquid nitrogen and the revolutionary Dearman Engine to offer a completely new approach to cooling and power generation. Dearman technologies have applications in transportation, logistics and the built environment. Combined, they can help to make the world a cleaner cooler place.

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 20 3829 0035


Established in 1997, Equipmake has built up signification expertise in the development of ultra high performance motors and motor control inverters. Utilising the latest design tools, Equipmake can take a project from initial specification, through modelling and simulation, mechanical and electronic design, to prototype production and testing using our in house dyno test facilities. Equipmake has relationships with key suppliers through the supply chain, which enables us to produce prototype motor systems in short timescales.

Contact Details

Ian Foley
Managing Director

T: +44(0)1953 857650

GKN Driveline Innovation Centre

GKN has a team of 40 innovative Engineers drawing on their knowledge from electric flywheel technology development so to advance the next generation of passenger car driveline technologies, featuring advanced composite materials, high efficiency electric machines and optimised, integrated control systems.

Core capabilities at GKN Driveline’s Innovation Centre (Abingdon)
• Mechanical Analysis & Design
• Electronics Design (Inverter & sensors)
• Embedded Software
• Systems Integration
• Mechatronics – Integrated packaging
• Composites / Lightweight structures
• Prototype build and test capability
• Vehicle integration & support

Contact Details

Sean Worrall
Business Development Manager

T : +44 1235 468200

Hyperdrive Innovation

Hyperdrive utilises market leading lithium-ion battery technology to enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace by developing and manufacturing solutions to challenging applications for electric vehicles and battery energy storage systems.

We are the first company to secure the supply of Nissan’s LEAF lithium-ion cell technology for our own commercial products and hold key intellectual property which puts us at the forefront of technological advances.

Hyperdrive is a commercialisation partner for OEMs and innovative product developers. We hold a unique position in that we can take a project seamlessly through design, integration and scalable manufacture, all from under one roof.

Contact Details

Stephen Irish
Commercial Managing Director

T: +44 (0)191 640 3503

JD Norman Industries

JD Norman Industries, is a market leader and diversified manufacturer of engineered metal components with operations in the USA, Mexico, Canada, and UK. Our wide range of processes provide our Global customers with turnkey solutions in all markets. Employing advanced process techniques we drive lighter weight components with emphasis on castings.
Our quality accreditations offer our customers continuity of supply throughout a component life with continuous improvement being key to our success to our competitiveness.

Contact Details

Mark Rawlings
Engineering and Sales manager

Kevin Smith
Product Development Specialist

T: +44 (0) 1594 842112

Motor Design LTD

Motor Design Software by Motor Design Engineers

Motor Design Ltd supply the most complete and integrated electric motor design software, Motor- CAD, covering electromagnetic, thermal and efficiency mapping in one environment.

We use our expert knowledge of designing electric motors to provide software support at some of the most prestigious aerospace, automotive and industrial companies worldwide.
Research and innovation is at the heart of what we do. We deliver advanced electric motor designs and class-leading concepts.

Contact Details

Dr David A. Staton


RML Group

RML Group is a world leading high performance automotive engineering company delivering world-class solutions in motorsport and high performance engineering. We specialist in EV technology for road and race applications and have recently invested in a state of the art energy storage design and manufacturing facility. With a multi award winning racing pedigree we have applied this success to developing high performance road car derivatives and advanced automotive technology for OEM’s.

Contact Details

Simon Holloway
Commercial Director

T: +44 (0)1933 402440


Sunamp develops, manufactures and sells compact, highly efficient advanced thermal storage technology called ‘Heat Batteries’ that can be used to store heat for a number of applications. Sunamp HBs are based on phase change materials that have high energy and power densities. Our HBs help reduce emissions and improve air quality and address vehicle thermal management challenges such as engine and cabin warm up, catalytic converter temperature fluctuation and battery thermal conditioning and HVAC systems.

Contact Details

Bob Austin
Global Automotive Business Manager

M: 0044 7768 514229

Zap & Go

Zap&Go is a high technology business founded in Oxford in 2013. We have a solution to the problems encountered by all the current generation of rechargeable appliances, devices and vehicles: slow charging. Called ‘Carbon-Ion’, in contrast to Lithium-ion, this technology is based on carbon nano-materials including the ‘wonder-material’ graphene. The result is ultra-fast charging – in 5 minutes or less. The IP is partly derived from Oxford University, and partly developed independently by Zap&Go’s own scientists.

Contact Details

Simon Harris
Investment & Marketing Director

T: +44 1235 567368
M: +44 7976 204855