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Automotive Council – Workstream Support Facilitators

The Automotive Council was established in 2009 to enhance dialogue and strengthen co-operation between UK government and the automotive sector. The Council and its working groups are made up of senior figures from across industry and government, and support a number of initiatives and projects that require pooling of knowledge and expertise. This is provided via three key workstreams (Technology, Supply Chain and Business Environment and skills) and in turn through their respective working groups reporting back on particular topic areas.

The working groups recognise there is a wide range of project research and co-ordination required, which is difficult to support on a voluntary and part-time basis (which is how the Automotive Council members operate), therefore this Pilot scheme is aimed at introducing “developing talent” in supporting the working group activities. The “developing talent” will be of graduate level status and are likely to be already engaged on Company Graduate or personal development schemes. The schemes should be able to allow for engagement in short pieces of project work to expand their knowledge and give them opportunities to stretch and demonstrate their capability.

The projects will provide an opportunity for exposure (both content and networks) that may be difficult to replicate in a conventional company development scheme, the nature of the projects would determine if they can be supported remotely or need to be supported with a short term placement at an appropriate site. Examples of projects could range from developing roadmaps, researching international competitiveness, analysis of UK supply chains, supporting / running National or International events, research into technologies / infrastructure / Global trends in support of positioning papers for the working groups etc.

This Expression of interest is aimed at organisations that would be interested in developing and running a scheme, initially for a 12 month pilot period, but with an option for longer if the scheme is successful.

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) is facilitating this initiative on behalf of the Automotive Council Technology Group, and are asking for proposals from interested parties that wish to be engaged in this pilot initiative and operate the central coordinating role, before a submission deadline of 22nd February.


This initiative as a pilot, mirrors in some aspects a previous initiative undertaken by the Aerospace Partners in Growth team, in which partner organisations utilised the projects as opportunities for growth of their “developing talent” and seconded them to support project work under the supervision and mentoring of working group leaders.

Replicating this approach across the Automotive Councils working groups appears to be a more complex activity as it involves a wider range of project leaders and potentially engages a wider range of industry partners for participants.

To overcome this complexity the concept of a “Workstream Support” approach is being proposed, with the Workstream Support Facilitators, acting as the intermediary between project providers (Automotive Council working groups) and supporting industry participants (resource providers).

It is envisaged that interested parties will already, or certainly want to, be engaged with the Automotive Sector and that this activity will have business relevance to them. This would enable interested parties to minimise if not completely remove the need for additional operational funding, through benefit gained from publicising an association with the initiative or running the activity alongside current commercial activities.

It is envisaged that the scheme would be an “administration light” activity and require less than a single full time role, perhaps split between a manager and administrator. The actual ways of working have not been prescribed as we are open to accommodating ways that would best fit between the scheme goals and your own requirements with the aim of gaining operational efficiency and cost minimisation.

The APC facilitation role, although primarily focussed on the marketing and initiation of the scheme, will continue throughout the pilot in an over-seeing / advisory capacity. During this partner selection phase we will also reach out to company schemes to generate awareness of the opportunity for their scheme leaders ad developing talent.

The proposals received will be reviewed in confidence by APC team members and down-selected proposals discussed in more detail with the APC team and yourselves to ensure alignment and consistency of thinking.

We are targeting an award announcement before the end of March 2017 in order that we can commence with an April 2017 kick off.


The APC (on behalf of the Automotive council) are seeking a partner that will:

  1. Develop and run a pilot scheme allowing for, in the order of, 20 project support activities / year, with duration typically between 12 and 24 weeks (depending on project scale). The project scope and supervision will be the responsibility of the work stream leaders and not in the scope of the Workstream Support Facilitators role.
  2. Target three Automotive Council co-ordination events to determine forthcoming projects, advise on candidate pool and propose post pilot, sustainability actions.
  3. Be the focal point for pre-project co-ordination and post project candidate feedback.
  4. Ensure confidentiality and appropriateness, respecting the engagement of numerous organisations and personal details.
  5. Maintain progress updates to the Automotive Council (directly or through the APC).
  6. Bidders are requested to identify any funding expectations (recognising that it is the intention that the secondees are fully funded by their sponsoring organisations).

Respondents are advised to structure their Proposal (of no more than 6 pages) in the following way:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Understanding of our requirements including optional expansion of alternative solutions, and detailed proposals (one per approach if alternatives proposed) regarding the development and operation of a pilot scheme including proposed ways of working and a RASIC covering support activities.
  3. Proposed timing plan and short resume of your key personnel that would be engaged in the scheme.
  4. How running this scheme would align or benefit with your organisational activities.
  5. Additional questions (with your suggested answers) that you may have. Please note that in addition to answering you directly we will post all Q&A responses (anonymously) on the website to ensure consistency of details and responses to all.
Further Enquiries

Any further enquiries should be directed to, this is the same address to submit your proposals.