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UK Automotive Capabilities

Identifying Technology-Led Opportunities to Grow & Sustain Low Carbon Propulsion Research-to-Manufacture Capabilities in the UK

The Advanced Propulsion Centre is working with industry and academia to identify technology-led opportunities to strengthen the UK’s research-to-manufacture supply chain capabilities. The Advanced Propulsion Centre is using roadmaps and capability studies to identify those opportunities.



On the 06/09/2017, the Advanced Propulsion Centre released the new updated roadmaps. These were developed with the knowledge and consensus of industry, academia and government. To download the updated roadmaps, click here.

The Automotive Council’s consensus roadmaps have been charting globally significant technology trajectories since they were first produced in 2009. They have provided a robust foundation for engagement between government, academia and industry. The Advanced Propulsion Centre is working with the Automotive Council to engage a broader range of academic and industrial partners in the road-mapping process in order to maintain the roadmaps’ relevance and to identify research challenges arising directly from future industry demands.

Please click here to find out more about the Automotive Council roadmaps.cycle


The roadmaps describe technology-led opportunities. The Advanced Propulsion Centre is using capability studies to identify the key opportunities in the roadmaps and compare them with the UK’s current capabilities in order to determine which the UK is best placed to capitalise upon, in addition to identifying any capability gaps and any intervention required to address them.


The Advanced Propulsion Centre recently published a new capability report on behalf of the Automotive Council. It focuses on identifying low carbon propulsion technology-led disruptions to the research-to-manufacture supply chain that provide attractive opportunities to strategically grow UK automotive capability. Please click here to read Low Carbon Automotive Propulsion Technologies: The UK’s capability to capitalise upon future technology-led research-to-manufacture supply chain opportunities.

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