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What the APC will do

The work of the Advanced Propulsion Centre is covered by the following terms of reference, requiring it to:

  • Invest in technologies and their associated products, processes and people where they will enable low carbon propulsion systems to achieve production over the next 10 years.
  • Encourage collaboration between SMEs, vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers.
  • Enable advanced propulsion technologies to be ready for on and off road applications: turning technologies into products.
  • Support technology developers to drive innovation.
  • Enable projects that drive investment in the UK.
  • Embed expertise and know-how.
  • Work with existing providers to deliver a complete propulsion development infrastructure.
  • Act as a channel for communication and implementation of the strategies and road maps of the Automotive Council.

Open to all

The APC is relevant to the whole of the UK. It is company neutral, technology agnostic and open to all working within the scope of the strategic technologies for the UK automotive industry.

The APC will facilitate partnerships between those with innovative low carbon propulsion technologies and those who can bring them to market. This activity can include funding and support services to help create and manage projects.

The APC will actively engage with organisations worldwide to promote the UK as a centre of excellence for low carbon propulsion development and production.

The APC contact for questions relating to the scope of activity is Jon Beasley who can be emailed at