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The Advanced Propulsion Centre was formed in 2013 from a commitment between the government and automotive industry through the Automotive Council to position the UK as a global centre of excellence for low carbon powertrain development and production. It is a central pillar of the Industrial Strategy created by the Automotive Council.

Helping to bring tomorrow’s technology to market

The Advanced Propulsion Centre UK Limited (APC) is a private limited company, an industry wide collaboration of innovators and producers of low carbon propulsion systems. It facilitates partnerships between those who have good ideas and those who can bring them to market. The services provided by the APC enable projects which provide profitable growth and sustainable opportunities for the partners involved.

The scope of projects covered by the APC includes four of the five strategic technologies identified by the Automotive Council and presented at the Low Carbon Vehicle Event at Millbrook in September 2013:


  • Electric Machines and Power Electronics
  • Energy Storage and Energy Management
  • Thermal Propulsion Systems
  • Lightweight Vehicle and Powertrain Structures

The fifth strategic technology; Intelligent Mobility falls within the remit of the Transport Systems Catapult and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.


Focused application of resources

Each project supported by the APC addresses at least one of the four technologies through its activity of research, development and production of low carbon technology. The APC defines a project as a consortium involving at least one SME, one vehicle manufacturer and one supply chain company working together to bring the technology to market with the resulting activity enhancing the UK’s position as a Propulsion Nation and contributing to the country’s economic prosperity.

Advanced propulsion systems include applications for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, off-highway and passenger cars and the APC is company neutral, technology agnostic and open to all.

Long term commitment to help planning

The government and industry have each committed to provide £500 million to the APC during its ten year programme with the funding allocated through bi-annual competitions in April and October. The activity in this £1 billion project will be delivered through a small team working across the UK from a central Hub located at the University of Warwick and regional Spoke locations.

Through its activities, the APC will complete the research and development value chain in the UK, enabling advanced propulsion technologies to be ready for on and off road applications, turning technologies into products.