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Formula E plugs in to the UK automotive industry


The opportunity for Formula E to have a dramatic impact in addressing air quality and CO2 emissions in towns and cities was discussed today at a special event in London organised by UKTI, the UK’s trade and investment export team. The forum brought together a range of leaders from across the automotive industry and included a speech from RT Hon Lord Maude of Horsham, Minister of State for Trade and Investment. He encouraged Formula E to transfer world-leading technology from the racetrack to the road and used the example of APC grant funding competition winners GKN as a flagship for UK innovation delivering the win-win of reduced emissions and commercial opportunities. The GKN Hybrid Power system project is used to regenerate braking energy on city buses with a high speed flywheel originally developed for Le Mans Prototypes using KERS technology.


RT Hon Lord Maude of Horsham, Minister of State for Trade and Investment

The panel discussion addressed the question ‘Can Formula E Help Clean Our Cities’ including speakers:

To see the event unfold, watch the video below.

The discussion was timely, as the APC’s latest grant funding competition draws to a close. Project consortia who have registered for the APC4 competition are now completing their applications for the current grant funding round. The competition has up to £60 million currently available to support low carbon advanced propulsion projects worth more than £120 million.

The competition opened on the 5th May is called ‘APC4 Driving UK Capability and Economic Impact through Low Carbon Propulsion Technologies’ for projects which are collaborative and business-led and include a vehicle manufacturer or a tier 1 supplier and an SME partner. They must also develop the UK’s supply chain in the field of low carbon vehicle propulsion technology. The competition will fund the development of on-vehicle technologies for either on-road or off-highway vehicles.

Consortia must have a clear, demonstrable route to production, and line of sight to market, involving at least one vehicle manufacturer and/or a tier 1 supplier and at least one SME partner.

To find out more about APC’s latest funding competition, click here.